In Memory of Fred Foord


If you would like to make a monetary donation in memory of Fred Foord, it can be mailed to the Avery Linton Legacy Foundation at 183 Wolf Willow Cres. NW Edmonton, AB T5T 1T3, or you can e-Transfer to

If you are using the e-transfer option, please provide your full name and mailing address so that a CRA donation receipt can be sent to you.

Our current Alberta initiative is a 7G Stroke Prevention Ultrasound Machine that has been gifted to the University Hospital Foundation in honour of Fred.  He selected this specialized equipment in December 2018  as part of the Brain Centre Campaign at the University Hospital.  At a cost of $150,000, this medical innovation allows health care professionals to improve stroke care for patients in Northern Alberta.  Stroke Prevention is better than treating a stroke.  This is one of Fred’s many lasting gifts.

Thank you for helping us to honour Uncle Fred with your donation.
Over the years, Uncle Fred has taught us so much about life & the incredible gift of friendship.
He has taught us to be kind and loving, to work hard & to cheer hard and most importantly to have a lot of fun!
He taught us that “chosen family” can mean as much as biological family.
He has always lead by example and has had a special way with connecting to people, and we mean all people.
We believe that his greatest gift to us was to show us the impact that a positive attitude can make.
We love you and we will miss you, Uncle Fred

Xo, Jenny, Mark , Jake, Josh, Avery, Morgan, Roger, Sydney, Ryley, Beck, Lorne & Ruth
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